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3 - you want a website to be translated in French.

You need something specific in French ? Contact me, and we will work out a solution together !

It will be just me doing what we've agreed upon.

For all intents and purposes, my email is :

So, let's start from what you want :

- you want a written work to be done in French

(translation, subtitling, proofreading, exercises, quizzes, courses, corrections, presentations, summaries, research, speeches... you name it).
Just send me an email, and I will contact you back.

- you want to get prepared for an oral exam

or you want a conversation in French. You've already been to the Language & culture section of this site, but you want to practice what you've read or test yourself "for real". This is possible if you've got Skype, and if you're willing to call me (through internet or phone - I'm based in Europe). Once again, send me an email, and we will see how we can arrange things.

- you want a website to be translated in French.

Not the google translation, but one that will feel French to the French speaking people. It's easy : you send me an email with the address of the website, and I will contact you.

- you want a website like this one.

Nothing easier !
Once again, you send me an email (at, and I will see how I can help you.