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"POTEMKINE" de Jean Ferrat

You should listen to this song if : You like the evocation of resistance...

About this song : The Potemkin was a battleship of the Russian Navy's fleet. The ship was made famous by the rebellion of the crew against their oppressive officers in June 1905. It later came to be viewed as an initial step towards the Russian revolution of 1917, and was the basis of Sergei Eisenstein's silent film The Battleship Potemkin (1925). The uprising was triggered when Giliarovsky, the second in command of the battleship, allegedly threatened to punish crew members for their refusal to eat meat found to contain maggots. For more information, please follow this link to Potemkin uprising article (English) or la mutinerie du cuirassé Potemkine (French).

About the author : Jean Ferrat was a French singer-songwriter and poet. He specialized in singing poetry, particularly that of Louis Aragon. Politically engaged, he remained all his life close to the communist party. His political convictions are perceptible in many of his songs. His most famous ones are : Ma môme, La montagne, Nuit et brouillard, c'est beau la vie, Ma France... To know more about Jean Ferrat : Ferrat in English, Ferrat en français.


If the content of the video above has been blocked in your country by the copyright owners, you can try this version (without subtitles, but with parts of Eisenstein's movie) :

Les paroles, et leur traduction approximative :

M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si je vous dis un monde                Will you hold it against me if I talk about a world
Qui chante au fond de moi au bruit de l'océan                  that sings deep inside me with the rumbling of the ocean
M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si la révolte gronde             Will you hold it against me if resistance is growing
Dans ce nom que je dis au vent des quatre vents               with this name I’m saying in the wind

Ma mémoire chante en sourdine                                           My memory sings muted
Potemkine                                                                           Potemkine

Ils étaient des marins durs à la discipline                             They were tough sailors
Ils étaient des marins, ils étaient des guerriers                 They were sailors, they were warriors,
Et le cœur d'un marin au grand vent se burine                  and the heart of a sailor becomes hardened in the wind
Ils étaient des marins sur un grand cuirassé                       They were sailors on a mighty battleship

Sur les flots je t'imagine                                                          On the waves I imagine
Potemkine                                                                             Potemkine

M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si je vous dis un monde          Will you hold it against me If I talk about a world
Où celui qui a faim va être fusillé                                       where the hungry ones are going to be executed
Le crime se prépare et la mer est profonde                       The crime is being prepared and the see is deep
Que face aux révoltés montent les fusiliers                       that in front of the rebels come up the fusiliers

C'est mon frère qu'on assassine                                               It’s my brother being murdered
Potemkine                                                                             Potemkine

Mon frère, mon ami, mon fils, mon camarade                    My brother, my friend, my son, my mate
Tu ne tireras pas sur qui souffre et se plaint                      Thou  shalt not shoot on those who suffer and complain
Mon frère, mon ami, je te fais notre alcade                       My brother, my friend, I make you our judge
Marin ne tire pas sur un autre marin                                     Sailor don’t shoot on another sailor

Ils tournèrent leurs carabines                                                 They turned away their rifles
Potemkine                                                                           Potemkine

M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si je vous dis un monde                Will you hold it against me if I talk about a world
Où l'on punit ainsi qui veut donner la mort                         where are punished like this those who want to give death
M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si je vous dis un monde                Will you hold it against me if I talk about a world
Où l'on n'est pas toujours du côté du plus fort                 where one doesn’t always take side with the strongest

Ce soir j'aime la marine                                                          Tonight, I love the Navy
Potemkine                                                                            Potemkine


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