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de Francis Blanche

You should listen to this song if : You think that you deserve a trout.

About this song : Funny lyrics on a famous music (the trout of Schubert). The narrator explains his adventure with a girl obsessed with Schubert's tune.

About the author : Francis Blanche is a famous French author, actor and humorist of the 50's."La pince à linge" and "la truite de Schubert" are his two most famous parodical songs. To knowm more about him, please follow Francis Blanche (en français).

Les paroles, and their approximate translation :

Elle était jeune fille                                                       She was a young maiden
Sortait tout droit de son couvent                                    straight out of the convent
Innocente et gentille                                                    Innocent and sweet
Qui n'avait pas seize ans                                             who was not yet sixteen
Le jeudi, jour de visite,                                                On Thursdays, the day of visit,
Elle venait chez ma mère                                            she used to come to my mother
Et elle nous jouait la Truite                                           and play the Trout
La Truite de Schubert                                                   Schubert’s Trout

Un soir de grand orage                                                A night of great storm
Elle dut coucher à la maison                                      she had to sleep at home
Or malgré son jeune âge                                            Yet despite her young age
Elle avait de l'obstination                                            she had some stubbornness
Et pendant trois heures de suite                                 and for three hours in a row
Au milieu des éclairs                                                     in the midst of lightning
Elle nous a joué la Truite                                             she played for us the Trout
La Truite de Schubert                                                   Schubert’s Trout

On lui donna ma chambre                                          She was given my room
Moi je couchai dans le salon                                      I slept in the living room
Mais je crus bien comprendre                                    but I thought I understood well
Que ça ne serait pas long                                            that it wouldn’t be long
En effet elle revint bien vite                                        Indeed she soon returned
Pieds nus, dans les courants d'air                              barefeet, in the draughts
Pour me chanter la Truite                                           to sing the Trout to me
La Truite de Schubert                                                   Schubert’s trout

Ce fut un beau solfège                                                It was a nice musical theory
Pizzicattis coquins                                                          teasing pizzicattis
Accords, trémolos et arpèges                                   Chords, tremolos and arpeggios
Fantaisie à quatre mains                                             Fantasia for four hands
Mais à l'instant tout s'agite                                        But at the very moment when everything wriggles
Sous l'ardent aiguillon de la chair                               under the burning sting of the flesh
Elle, elle fredonnait la Truite                                       she hummed the Trout,
La Truite de Schubert                                                   Shubert’s trout

Je lui dis: Gabrielle                                                       I said : Gabrielle
Voyons, comprenez mon émoi                                       See, understand my emotion
Il faut être fidèle                                                            you have to be faithful
Ce sera Schubert ou moi                                                It will be Schubert or me.
C'est alors que je compris bien vite                                 It’s then that I quickly realized
En lisant dans ses yeux pervers                                      by reading into her perverse eyes
Qu'elle me réclamait la suite                                           that she was asking me
La suite du concert                                                        for the next part of the concert

Six mois après l'orage                                                  Six months after the storm
Nous fûmes dans une situation                                      we were in such a situation
Telle que le mariage                                                     that the marriage
Était la seule solution                                                   was the only solution.
Mais avec un air insolite                                              But in an unusual way
Au lieu de dire oui au maire                                        instead of saying yes to the mayor
Elle lui a chanté la Truite                                              she sung the Trout to him
La Truite de Schubert                                                   Schubert’s Trout

C'est fou ce que nous fîmes                                      It’s crazy what we did
Contre cette obsession                                             against this obsession
On mit Gabrielle au régime                                        Gabrielle was put on a diet
Lui supprimant le poisson                                           with no fish at all
Mais par une journée maudite                                    but on a cursed day
Dans le vent, l'orage et les éclairs                             in the wind, thunder and lightning
Elle mit au monde une truite                                       she gave birth to a trout
Qu'elle baptisa Schubert.                                           She named it Schubert

A présent je vis seul                                                     Now I live alone
Tout seul dans ma demeure                                          All alone in my house
Gabrielle est partie et n'a plus sa raison                        Gabrielle is gone and no longer sane
Dans sa chambre au Touquet elle reste des heures         In her room at Le Touquet she stays for hours
Auprès d'un grand bocal où frétille un poisson                 close to a large bowl in which wriggles a fish
Et moi j'ai dit à Marguerite                                            And me I said to Marguerite
Qui est ma vieille cuisinière                                            who is my old cook
Ne me faites plus jamais de truite                                 Do not ever make me trout again
Ça me donne de l'urticaire.                                           It gives me a rash.


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