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"Il est des nôtres"
(chanson à boire)

You should listen to this song if : You want to know what French people sing when they celebrate something with the little help of a glass of wine...

About this song : A drinking song (chanson à boire) is  a song generally sung at the end of the meal to foster the consumption of wine. They are usually sung when large groups of people are present : marriage, student parties, big family meals, sport events, "ferias" (fiestas in the southern cities of France) and festivals ... They sometimes have got "blanks" to allow the singers to... drink bottoms up. They definitely participate to the "wine culture" of France, although they can of course be sung while drinking other kind of alcohols (the Pastis 51 or Ricard have got their own song) or even while drinking non alcoholic beverages. Because they are old songs, the vocabulary is usually made of words spoken in previous centuries. The lyrics are not completely "fixed", so you may hear variations according to time and place.

As there is no good music for this song, you'll have to bear with that :

Les paroles and their approximate translation

Ami [nom de l'ami] lève ton verre,          Brother {name of the friend / "brother"] raise your glass
et surtout, ne le renverse pas                And above all, don't spill anything
et porte le                                            and put it
du frontibus                                         from your forehead
au nasibus                                            to your nose
au mentibus                                            to your chin
au ventribus                                            to your belly
au sexibus                                            to your sex
à l'aquarium                                            to your mouth
et glou et glou et glou                                    and gulp and gulp and gulp

Il est des nôtres                                He's one of us
Il a bu son verre comme les autres        He has drunk his glass like the others
C'est un ivrogne                                He's a drunkard
Ca se voit rien qu'à sa trogne                you can see it from his face


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