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de Edith Piaf & Théo Sarapo

You should listen to this song if : You're wondering if Love is worth its reputation...

About this song : Good to learn some basic expressions.

About the author : Normally, you don't need to be told who Edith Piaf is. But if you want to refresh your memory, here are the links to Edith Piaf (in English) and Edith Piaf (en français). As for Theo Sarapo, he was Edit Piaf's last husband : Theo Sarapo (in English) and Theo Sarapo (en français).

Les paroles, and their approximate translation :

A quoi ça sert l'amour ?                                                               What’s the point of love ?
On raconte toujours                                                                     One always says
Des histoires insensées.                                                              crazy stories.
A quoi ça sert d'aimer ?                                                                What’s the point of loving ?

L'amour ne s'explique pas !                                                       Love can not be explained
C'est une chose comme ça,                                                       This is something like that,
Qui vient on ne sait d'où                                                             that comes from who knows where
Et vous prend tout à coup.                                                        And takes you all of a sudden.

Moi, j'ai entendu dire                                                                  Me, I’ve heard
Que l'amour fait souffrir,                                                            that love hurts,
Que l'amour fait pleurer.                                                            That love makes you cry
A quoi ça sert d'aimer ?                                                              What’s the point of loving ?

L'amour ça sert à quoi ?                                                            What’s the point of love ?
A nous donner d' la joie                                                             to give us some joy
Avec des larmes aux yeux...                                                     with tears in the eyes…
C'est triste et merveilleux !                                                       It’s sad and wonderful !

Pourtant on dit souvent                                                             Yet it is often said
L'amour est décevant,                                                                 love is disappointing
Qu'il y en a un sur deux                                                             that there’s one of the two
Qui n'est jamais heureux...                                                       who is never happy…

Même quand on l'a perdu,                                                        Even when it’s lost
L'amour qu'on a connu                                                                the love that we had
Vous laisse un goût de miel.                                                     Leaves you a taste of honey
L'amour c'est éternel !                                                                Love is eternal !

Tout ça, c'est très joli,                                                                  It’s all very nice
Mais quand tout est fini,                                                            But when everything  is over
Il ne vous reste rien                                                                      you’re left with nothing
Qu'un immense chagrin...                                                          but an immense sorrow

Tout ce qui maintenant                                                                 All that now
Te semble déchirant,                                                                   looks heartbreaking to you
Demain, sera pour toi                                                                  tomorrow will be for you
Un souvenir de joie !                                                                   a memory of joy !

En somme, si j'ai compris,                                                          In short, if I’ve understood well
Sans amour dans la vie,                                                              without love in life
Sans ses joies, ses chagrins,                                                      without its joys and its pains
On a vécu pour rien ?                                                                   we would have lived in vain ?

Mais oui ! Regarde-moi !                                                            Yes ! Look at me !
A chaque fois j'y crois                                                                  Everytime I trust
Et j'y croirai toujours...                                                                and I’ll always trust it
Ça sert à ça, l'amour !                                                                   That’s the point of love !
Mais toi, t'es le dernier,                                                             But you, you’re the last,
Mais toi, t'es le premier !                                                           But you, you’re the first !
Avant toi, y'avait rien,                                                                  Before you, there was nothing
Avec toi je suis bien !                                                                  
With you I feel fine
C'est toi que je voulais,                                                                It’s you I wanted
C'est toi qu'il me fallait !                                                              It’s you I needed !
Toi que j'aimerai toujours...                                                         You with whom I’ll be forever in love…
Ça sert à ça, l'amour !...                                                                That’s the point of love !


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