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"De la musique avant toute chose"
(Paul Verlaine)

"Je mets ensemble les notes qui s'aiment"

"La musique donne une âme à nos coeurs, des ailes à la pensée, un essor à l'imagination,
Elle est un charme à la tristesse, elle donne de la gaieté, de la vie à toute chose,
Elle élève vers tout ce qui est bon, juste et beau,
et rétablit l'harmonie dont elle est, bien qu'invisible,
la forme éblouissante et passionnément éternelle."


                Title                         Author                  Difficulty level       Comments


Did you say summerlove ?!

Nino Ferrer
A song for dog rescuers.
Ma liberté

Georges Moustaki
A beautiful song about a man's life and freedom
Les loups sont entrés dans Paris

Serge Reggiani
An original and metaphoric song


Serge Reggiani
An homage to a woman who meant a lot to him

Le petit garçon

Serge Reggiani
A man's love for his son
Jean Ferrat

A tragic song for a tragedy

L'aigle noir

A crystalline voice, for a song of vision

Les voyages

You have a beautiful memory of your last trip to France ? Here's your song.

Mon amie la rose
Marie Laforêt

Tempus fugit

La complainte des infidèles

She left you. Mouloudji won't bring her back, but you can mourn and vow revenge with this song.
Il n'aurait fallu
Léo Ferré

Originally a poem by Aragon, it becomes a superb song about love and death.


Léo Ferré
The sung  version of one of Baudelaire's masterpieces

Un homme heureux

William Sheller
Timeless song about love and happiness

Fier et fou de vous
William Sheller
The music is a bit out of fashion, but if you've ever loved somebody in vain, the lyrics will sound familiar

Les filles de l'aurore

William Sheller
Typical of Sheller's style.

Il y a deux filles en moi
Sylvie Vartan et Françoise Hardy

A beautiful duo.

L'amour c'est comme les bateaux

Sylvie Vartan
This song gives justice to Sylvie Vartan's voice.

Par amour, par pitié
Sylvie Vartan
A love song from the yéyé period.
Sylvie Vartan
French adaptation of a song from one of Hungarian most famous singer and composer : Mate Peter. Too bad he died so young.
Je veux chanter pour ceux

Michel Berger

An humanitarian song of the 80's

Poupée de cire, poupée de son

France Gall
Typical from the yé yé period, this song launched her career

Rock and Pop

                  Title                         Author                  Difficulty level       Comments       

  Un autre monde

A classic rock song of the 80's

Drinking songs

                    Title                         Author                  Difficulty level       Comments       



Indissociable from the French "art de vivre"
Chevalier de la table ronde

Probably the most famous of all wine songs
Ah que nos pères étaient  heureux

A wine song ; nice version with instrument

Tourdion, quand je bois du vin clairet
Two versions : one sounds like a religious song, the second like a medieval song, in the end it's still a wine song
C'est à boire qu'il nous faut

The refrain is a classic, but most people have forgotten the rest of the lyrics...


Il est des nôtres

Famous, but this version with accordion doesn't give the song complete justice ; alas I couldn't fine a nice "vocal only" version (not performed by drunk people...)

 51 je t'aime

A song dedicated to the "Pastis", a anis-based alcohol drunk in the South of France.

 Ban bourguignon

Ah, la la... Easiest-to-learn lyrics guaranteed

Other songs

        Title                                 Author                  Difficulty level       Comments

Jean Petit qui danse

A great folkloric song to learn body parts
Vois sur ton chemin
One of the main song of the French movie "the chorus"

Le café
You drink coffee at the office ? This funny song should make you smile...

A quoi ça sert l'amour ?

Edith Piag & Theo Sarapo

Is love a waste ?

La pince à linge

Francis Blanche

Beethoven and the clothes peg. Humour stretched to the limit.

La truite

Francis Blanche

If you like fish, and Schubert.

Chanson sans calcium

Les frères Jacques


The only song that is in a worse physical condition than you are.

Bonne humeur

La chanson du dimanche

Minimalist, fun and absurd. French humour...


La chanson du dimanche

You've got a friend who's a geek ? Or is it you ?

Petit Cheminot

La chanson du dimanche

A French speciality : strike. Come and enjoy it !

Super pouvoir d'achat

La chanson du dimanche
Gimme gimme... what ? Love ? A man after midnight ? Nay, purchasing power !

Aaaah Chiche
La chanson du dimanche

You want to chuck everything up. Time to listen to this one. To get more inspiration...



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