In this section, you will find advice and recommendations on what you could make (understand : read, watch, listen, play...) to develop your French, as well as more basic stuff regarding grammar and vocabulary. Some articles are also here just to give you a better understanding of French culture, attitudes and facts.

Every item has been selected for both its pedagogical value (regarding the language) and for its intrinsec interest (entertaining quality or artistic value).

 It's "à la carte", you compose your own menu !

Grammar & Vocabulary

Lessons. In French. To learn... French.


Newspapers, magazines, books and websites you could spy on.
And texts to read.

Movies and videos

Help about what to watch in French. Prepare the pop corn !

Music and songs

Popular music and songs in French.
Nobody asks you to really sing...


Games, especially boardgames and videogames, are a very good and often underlooked way to learn a language. Advice follows.

Unclassified   (the best !)

The leftovers... Nothing to be ashamed of, just stuff not admitted to any other case.

  • To make things a little tastier, a few symbols are sparsely used to signal articles or documents that should be of interest to a particular audience :
 - the "student" symbol :

signals articles that should be particularly useful for those who are preparing an exam.
 - the "business man" symbol :    
signals articles that should be of interest for those who are
doing business in French
 - the "tourist" symbol :

signals articles that should tingle the curiosity of those who are
travelling for tourism
in France.

  • You are overexcited everytime you get a present. Far be it from me to spoil the fun, but sometimes it is better to know what's coming next, especially if it's not the usual dead boring expertly splitting hairs grammar lesson you were eagerly expecting :
- The "book of fame" symbol  :
signals articles that should appeal to those seeking
beauty of the language or the ideas it supports.

 - the "book of joke" symbol :
signals articles were, if you dig deep enough,
you may find oil or something funny.

  • The levels of difficulty are marked according to :
 - one smiley :
should be okay for intermediate learners
 - two smileys :
normally accessible for advanced learners
 - three smileys :
you are French now...